Mr and Mrs Wilder

On Saturday 12th August the lovely Kylie and her soulmate Jamie got married. The fresh afternoon wind was not a problem for these lovebirds, who managed to stay nice and warm in each others arms. Their kids, family and friends witnessed a magical ceremony and will cherish the memories of such a beautiful and touching event forever.IMG_4610-721IMG_4044-770IMG_3871-597IMG_4140-866IMG_4115-841IMG_3945-671IMG_3903-629IMG_3949-675IMG_3951-677IMG_4613-724IMG_4596-707IMG_4589-700IMG_4086-812IMG_3960-686IMG_3629-355IMG_3647-373IMG_3560-286IMG_4160-886IMG_3837-563IMG_3849-575IMG_3813-539IMG_3694-420IMG_3979-705IMG_3906-632IMG_3955-681IMG_4046-772IMG_4585-696IMG_4176-287IMG_4108-834IMG_4074-800IMG_3827-553IMG_3450-176IMG_4000-726IMG_4619-730

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