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Hey there, thanks for visiting…..

I guess that if you’re this far and are reading this, then you must be keen to get a feel for my style of photography and what I’m about.

Basically, It’s not work for me, it’s art.

I won’t lie, I 100% take my work seriously and want to take the best and most authentic images possible for you and your people. I will always get lost in the moment and so can you, that’s my greatest skill. My clients feel very at ease in my presence and I in theirs and this is how I take such honest, true to character pictures that are usually sprinkled with a tad of quirky. I’m really not a fan of staged, unnatural or forced moments although I will be very supportive and guiding to help you achieve the style of shoot that I am known for by taking our time to get the moment right and have you feeling yourself and if needed I’ll give cues to get the shots and to get “into the moment”. I’m very critical of my work and take every single job personally, meaning I care…a lot. This is where my Virgo nature comes out, it has to be awesome or what’s the point.

A bit about me, I love art and can see art in almost anything. I’m not big on making a fuss, I’d rather go with the flow and keep it casual to capture the essence of the moment and your uniqueness within. I want to live in a world that is honest and alive with emotion and this is what I want my photography to show.

I’m that kind of photographer that gets asked to stay back after the wedding to have a beer and a boogie on the dancefloor!!

I’m an experienced mum of 4 children [my beautiful family in the picture above], which Id say gives me a good understanding of how to work in stressful situations!

I am a wedding photographer, family photographer and event photographer, with a journalistic/ lifestyle look to my work. I’m also the yearly “Santa portraits lady”, photographing over 100 families each year at Christmas time and love it!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon.

Phone- 0409 250 648



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  1. Hi kristielle

    We are getting married on a Property in harden on September 29th 2018.

    We would just like some prices- wondering if you provide copies of all photos from the day on USB, and are they edited without watermark? No album required. 🙂

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