Kaylie and Levi’s Wedding

This time last Saturday I was lucky enough to join a beautiful couple and their family and friends out at Clifton House for a very glamourous and momentous day….. Kaylie and Levi’s wedding day!
The ceremony was held at the end of the house’s main front garden area, with Kaylie and her dad making their entrance from inside of the old homestead and walking down the stairs and through the passage created by their guests and down to her patient Groom, who had toughed out the rain whilst waiting on his love.

It was such a spectacular day full of love and laughter and rain and sunshine. Here is a little snippet of the day.  IMG_9852IMG_0420IMG_0425IMG_9920IMG_9928IMG_9932-2IMG_9935IMG_9954IMG_9977IMG_9985IMG_9991IMG_9997IMG_9874IMG_9872IMG_9886IMG_9879.jpgIMG_9907IMG_9803IMG_0473IMG_0470IMG_0469IMG_0260IMG_0330IMG_0324IMG_0338IMG_0344IMG_0353IMG_0299IMG_0315IMG_0310IMG_0283IMG_0293IMG_0371IMG_0370Here comes the bride……and here comes the rain!


and the rain stops!!IMG_0533IMG_0028IMG_0604IMG_0608IMG_0570IMG_0638IMG_0058IMG_0550IMG_0037IMG_0644IMG_0655IMG_0661IMG_0675IMG_0691-2IMG_0699IMG_0067IMG_0713IMG_0721IMG_0722IMG_0723IMG_0731IMG_0734IMG_0840IMG_0853IMG_0854IMG_0879IMG_0865IMG_0863IMG_0022IMG_0138IMG_0146IMG_0935IMG_0937-3IMG_0016IMG_0893IMG_0982IMG_0981IMG_0967IMG_1009IMG_0158IMG_1072IMG_1051IMG_0180IMG_1137IMG_1133-2IMG_1134-2IMG_1089IMG_1104IMG_1106IMG_1110IMG_1111IMG_1113IMG_1050IMG_1125IMG_1147IMG_1128-4IMG_1151IMG_1153IMG_1026

and off to the reception…


2 replies to “Kaylie and Levi’s Wedding

  1. What wonderful photos, to capture a wonderful day, full of love and looking forward to a wonderful life together, all our love Granny & Grandad 💖💖💖

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos of a absolutely beautiful husband and wife. It was a beautiful day a little cold and wet but beautiful ❤️❤️

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